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Something has died. Truly died, something ancient.
With its last breath, it spat out its terrible children to rain down on the new world of man as a plague.

Not a plague of disease or famine – but of the most seductive and destructive force in creation: knowledge.  The children of this ancient thing were no match for so hostile a world on their own, and as they fell from the sky their numbers dwindle from trillions to billions to millions and perhaps even so low as a few thousand remained viable as they reached the shores of man.  

Alive and wriggling with wicked promise, they scuttled into the minds and hearts of humankind. They infect the very soul of a host.

These infected have their eyes reopened, their instincts reawakened to the great and terrible powers of the world.  They see the thin veneer of the reality that has so long been the whole of their world.  Now do they see the darkness and the power of the beneath.  Horror is reawakening in the world, and – if not stopped – the infected will revel in its glory.


Main Page

And Madness Follows Elkrock